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Tavex is the leading precious metals and forex dealer in Northern Europe

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The Tavex Group was founded in 1991 and has firmly established itself as a leading precious metals and forex dealer in Northern Europe, serving on average 2 million clients annually.

S e r v i c e s

Investment Gold

Our services include providing gold bullion coins and bars for investment purposes. We work in partnership with only the most trusted refineries in the world offering only LBMA certified investment products.


Investment Silver

Tavex provides a range of silver bullion coins and bars for all types of investors. We have a direct supply chain with the world’s leading precious metals producers. This, combined with efficient, well-planned logistics guarantees you the most competitive pricing on the market.


Scrap gold and silver

Selling and buying is a two-way market. Tavex also buys gold and silver.


Currency Exchange

We offer excellent rates and low fees, all combined with friendly customer service.



Tavex has a team of carefully selected professionals. All of whom are on hand to give you advice and answer any questions you may have regarding your gold and silver investment. So, should you have any questions, or would like any advice regarding your investments, simply book your free private consultation. We’re happy to help.

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H i s t o r y

The Year Was 1991

The joint-stock company Tavid was established in April 1991 by Mr Alar Tamming. Originally, the main activity was video rentals in Tallinn Video Center and that is how the company got its name, Tavid. The company was actively looking for ways to increase revenues and the first foreign exchange transaction took place in October 1992.


The first foreign subsidiary of Tavid AS was founded in 1996 in Finland. It was named Tavex OY. The decision to start the company’s overseas expansion from Finland was based on the company’s business philosophy according to which money must be earned in rich countries and spent in poor countries, where costs were low. An express money remittance service between Finland and Estonia was set up, which was unique at the time.


In 2002 the company continued its expansion by entering Latvia under the name Tavex SIA. Although the local business culture was very different there – doing business in Estonia was much simpler and more transparent at the time – hard work brought success. So far, Tavex SIA has altogether six offices in Riga.


In 2004 Tavex started to sell investment gold. Initially, the goal was to help maintain the value of the assets of our owner, Mr Tamming. However, after Tavex had obtained a small stock of gold, many people appeared to be interested in investing their money in precious metals. Tavex started to offer everyone the opportunity to keep their money in investment gold, so that in the looming financial crisis there would be as few losers as possible. One kilogram of investment gold cost around EUR 10.865 at the time.


In 2005 our second subsidiary in Scandinavia – Tavex AB – started in Sweden. We began to offer currency exchange services and sell investment gold at competitive prices. Even though the beginning was quite complicated, thanks to excellent service, customer friendly pricing and commitment, we were able to prove ourselves on the Swedish market. We are now well known and appreciated in Sweden, so far with 5 offices.


Because of the uncertain economic situation and falling stock markets, many people were seeking refuge in investment gold. The Tavex Group experienced a surge in demand and sold a record 2,159 kg of investment gold in 2008.


In 2009 Tavex EOOD in Bulgaria was founded. As our mother country is very small, the company realised that in order to be successful it had to develop and expand more widely geographically. In the rapidly evolving business environment of Bulgaria, Tavex EOOD started off well and now has a total of seven offices in Sofia, Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv.


In 2010 Tavex continued its mission in the Scandinavian market and opened an office in Denmark. The business seemed promising right from the start and even though great results never followed, we were able to achieve a strong position. We are pleased to offer our services in Denmark and to introduce the advantages of investing in precious metals in this respected business environment.


Tavex AS was established in Norway. The first office to serve customers in Oslo opened in May 2014. The Tavex Group entered a new era in its history. According to the Payment Institutions and E-money Institutions Act, the Financial Supervision Authority issued Tavid AS with a payment institution licence that allows the company to provide money remittance services. The state’s new monitoring system gave Tavex a better chance to expand to new markets and provide customers with a broader range of services.


The Tavex Group sold a total of 3,137 kilograms of investment gold in 2013. The uncertain future of the world economy and monetary policy stimulated interest in alternative investment opportunities such as precious metals.


Tavex Group continued its expansion in Eastern Europe when Tavex Sp. z o.o. was established in Poland. The first office opened in Warsaw in 2015, followed by the second office in 2020. The third office opened in Katowice in 2020 and the fourth in Gdynia in 2021. Tavex is currently the largest bullion reseller in Poland.
A subsidiary company, TavexWise AS was founded in 2015. The aim was to provide payment services and money transfers under the TavexWise brand.

2016 and Onwards

The Tavex Group was actively looking for ways to expand its business outside Europe. Therefore, TavexWise began to offer money remittance services to the Philippines. It is vitally important for the company to keep up with the political developments of the modern world and to provide customers in the Tavex Group’s multicultural host countries with the services they need.

Year of Change

The pandemic has challenged everyone. The uncertainty it’s created has seen many people set their sights on stable investments. This created an unprecedented demand for gold and silver at a time when transport and logistics operations halted.
Tavex Group left no stone unturned in continuing our high standards of service. Thanks to the resilience of our team, the hard work of our partners and constant innovation, we succeeded. Delivering over 200,000 oz of gold to our customers.

Tavex in 2021

Tavex is dedicated to helping more and more people buy gold and silver bullions at wholesale prices. We’ve achieved this by making investment simple and secure with our award-winning website. As well as providing same-day dispatch and insured delivery. Tavex drives innovation whilst maintaining our core values. Our commitment to growth means that in 2021 Tavex is expanding to the United Kingdom, Hungary and Serbia.

Tavex Group in numbers

Key numbers about our business and achievements


countries in Europe




dedicated people


million customers served per year


kilograms of gold sold in 2021


countries in Europe




dedicated people


million customers served per year


kilograms of gold sold in 2021

Tavex is represented in all of Europe and Scandinavia.

Entering the market of the United Kingdom is the next step in a continuous strive towards eminence.

Here are some facts

In the last 10 years Tavex sold nearly 50 tonnes of gold.

With quality, always comes quantity.


3100 kg


2900 kg


2850 kg


3200 kg


3000 kg


3500 kg


4400 kg


6100 kg


9200 kg


11100 kg

So, come and say Labdien, Hello, Hej, Tere, Helô, Cześć, Salut, Moikka or Szia!


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