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You can enjoy the Best Price Guarantee and same day pickup when you shop at Tavex. Discover low margin gold and silver products and create free price alerts.

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Can someone else pay for my order?

The client, the payer and the recipient must be the same person.

Does Tavex offer discounts on large gold and silver purchases?

For orders over 6000 euros please call us on +371 6720 5533 or email us at tavex@tavex.lv to discuss even better prices.

Does Tavex send orders to countries other than Latvia?

We send all our products within the EU. Please call us on +371 6720 5533 or by email at tavex@tavex.lv for more information.

I do not want to enter my personal ID number, what shall I do?

We need your date of birth to be able to confirm that the client and the receiver are the same person.

I forgot to add the invoice number as a reference when transferring the funds to Tavex?

Every invoice has a unique sum and therefore we do not usually have any problems matching your payment with your order. But we recommend that you inform us if this problem occurs on +371 6720 5533 or by email at tavex@tavex.lv.

May I exchange banknotes and coins at Tavex?

Bank note exchange means that the notes of Euro as well as the notes of foreign currencies can be exchanged for larger or smaller notes.

For example:

You have a hundred 20€ notes and wish to have four 500€ notes.

You have ten 500 Swedish krona bank notes and wish to receive fifty 100 krona notes.

This service has a fee. The minimum fee is 4 EUR or 0.5% of the sum for Euros and 0.4%–5% for foreign currencies.

NOTE! Notes are exchanged upon existence.

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