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Exchange currency with market leading rates and enjoy excellent customer service in one of Tavex’s offices. Use currency calculator to find a perfect deal for you.

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Currency exchange in one of our 6 offices in Riga

currency exchange in latvia exchange rates in riga USD rate

Tavex has made currency exchange in Riga surprisingly convenient for you. Feel free to visit one of our 6 offices in Riga to exchange currency.
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Popular questions

Do I have to pay a fee when exchanging currencies at Tavex?

Commission on foreign exchange is 1 euro. We buy back sums amounting to less than 150 € that are not bought from us at 1%–10% lower rates.

Do I have to pre-order when buying large amount of a currency?

Although we can arrange large sums of foreign currency at short notice, we recommend that you contact us on +371 6720 5533 or at in order to reserve the currency.

May I exchange banknotes and coins at Tavex?

Bank note exchange means that the notes of Euro as well as the notes of foreign currencies can be exchanged for larger or smaller notes.

For example:

You have a hundred 20€ notes and wish to have four 500€ notes.

You have ten 500 Swedish krona bank notes and wish to receive fifty 100 krona notes.

This service has a fee. The minimum fee is 4 EUR or 0.5% of the sum for Euros and 0.4%–5% for foreign currencies.

NOTE! Notes are exchanged upon existence.

Do I need to pay any commission fee for currency exchange?

We have commission fee 1EUR only, which is the smallest fee on Latvian market.

You need to pay 1EUR only for one deal – it doesn’t matter if you exchange one currency to another or buy/sell many currencies in one deal.


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