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Tavex buys worldwide known gold and silver bullion coins and bars. Get more monetary value and enjoy instant payout. Use our calculator to get a rough estimate.
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If so, choose 1 g of 900, 917 or 999.9 gold and type in item’s weight in “Number of units” field above.

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How to handle gold?

As fine gold coins and bars are extremely soft, they can very easily be damaged. Product’s value is decreased when gold is scratched, bent or the original package has been opened.

Here are some suggestions on how to properly handle gold coins to avoid damage and loss of value.

  • Do not remove coins or bars from their package (plastic capsule, vacuum pack) unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Always pick up coins and bars only by their edges
  • Never touch gold anywhere on its surface as fingerprints may reduce the value. Fingerprints cannot be removed from the mirror surface. Be aware that even the finest cloth makes small tiny scratches on the surface of a coin.
  • If you need to touch gold products, it advisable to wear white, clean cloth gloves.
  • Never try to bite gold to test its softness.
  • Try not to let one coin touch another as nicks and scratches can result.
  • Do not drag coins across any surface.
  • When removing coins from a holder is necessary, place them on a clean, soft surface. A velvet pad is an ideal surface. A clean soft cloth or clean piece of blank paper may be sufficient for harder coins (coins with gold proof 900-917).

PS! The above applies mainly to new gold coins and bars. Many historical gold coins have been in circulation and are therefore scratched and nicked. Gold market value has preserved in spite of that.

The basics: what are the weight and purity measurements of precious metals?

Although the weight of gold and silver is sometimes quoted in kilograms or grams, the official weight measurement to gauge the mass of precious metals is the troy ounce. One troy ounce (oz) equals 31.1034768 grams. Note that a troy ounce is not the same as an avoirdupois ounce (more commonly known as the kitchen ounce) which equals approximately 28.34 grams.

The purity of gold and silver is measured in millesimal fineness, which denotes the purity of the metal in parts per thousand. For example, the PAMP 100 gram gold bar contains a gold fineness of 999.9, which means that the bar is 99.99% pure gold. Another example, the $20 Double Eagle with a gross weight of 33.43624 grams contains a gold fineness of 900, which denotes a gold purity of 90% or 33.43 x 0.9 = 30.092 grams of pure gold.

In addition to fineness, the traditional purity measurement of gold is the karat (K). The highest karat rating is 24 and this equals or is greater than 99.9% pure gold. Gold jewellery in Europe most often contains a gold purity of 14 and 18 karats, which equals 14/24 = 58.3% and 18/24 = 75% pure gold respectively.

Why sell gold or silver to Tavex?
  • You get the best price
  • Friendly service across Europe
  • You get instant payout

What can you sell to Tavex?

We buy most worldwide well-known bullion coins and bars. Our specialist give you a price quote at one of our offices. Money is paid immediately after gold/silver has been checked.

NB!There is a tax in an amount of 3% from the value for non-residents of Latvia.

How to sell precious metals to Tavex?

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Enter as much information as you have on your products and see a rough price estimate instantly.

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Once you find a suitable deal visit one of our offices to get your items valued by Tavex expert.

Get instant payout

After the valuation of your items we offer instant payout. The process is fast, transparent and convenient.